Elastic Beanstalk (Java) + Spring Boot + https

1. What you want to do

--Connect with https when running Spring Boot on Elastic Beanstalk's Java platform

2. Premise

--Https listener set in LB --The following communication paths

LB(443) <-> Nginx(80) <-> Spring Boot(5000)

3. What I did

--Set the following in application.properties


--For environment variables, set as follows


--server.tomcat.remote-ip-header is for remote IP address, so it works without setting --The following AWS manual describes the header --HTTP Headers and Classic Load Balancer -Details of Elastic Load Balancing

3.1. If I didn't do anything ...

--It becomes http when redirecting --Page redirect after authentication --PRG pages

4. Bonus

--When accessed via https, Set-Cookie has Secure. --Redirect http traffic to https --How do I use ELB's Classic Load Balancer to redirect HTTP traffic to HTTPS? -Application Load Balancer Listener -[New function] No need to implement on Web server! You can now redirect with just ALB!


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