[RAILS] Image posting function


When creating the original application, we implemented a function to post images, so I will post it so that I will not forget it. There were various methods when I looked it up with Qiita etc., but this time I used a function called Active Storage of Rails.

1. Introduction of Active Storage and image processing tools

  1. Install ImageMagic in the terminal


% brew install imagemagick

2. Write the Gem of mini_magick and image_processing in the Gemfile and bundle install


gem 'mini_magick'
gem 'image_processing', '~> 1.2'

3. When you install Active Storage in the terminal, a migration will be created, so migrate it.


rails active_storage:install


rails db:migrate

2. Save the image

This time we will implement it assuming that it will be entwined with the Post table

  1. Associate the Active Storage table and Post table using the has_one_attached method

Post model

class Post < ApplicationRecord
  has_one_attached :image

2. Add image to Post's strong parameter so that it can be saved

Post controller

  def post_params
    params.require(:post).permit(:hoge, :fuga, :image)

3. Image display

Display an image using the image_tag method

Post view

  <div class='post'>
    <%= image_tag post.image, class: 'post-image' %>

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