[Ruby] Insert, replace, destroy at the end of the character string [b021]

Method memorandum and first post that I googled when checking a certain skill

1. Get the output value Get any number of input characters as an array during loop processing


hoge  #Characters to be entered
huga  #Characters to be entered
piga  #Characters to be entered

lines = []  #Define array variables in advance
lines << gets.chomp  #Chomp so there are no line breaks

-Since the character string comes over multiple lines, add it to the array


lines = ["hoge", "fuga", "piga"]
puts lines[0]  #Output any character by specifying the index number (subscript)
>> hoge

-Output any character with the index number after making necessary changes according to the calling conditions.

2. Insert at the end of the character Consider a conditional branch to insert or replace depending on the type at the end of the string.


#Conditional branch
String.end_with?('Value you want to find')  #任意の文字末尾にValue you want to findがあるか
puts hoge.end_with?('e', 'ge', 'ch')  #Multiple values can be referenced at once (any one is acceptable)
>> ture

#Insert method
String.insert(Insertion index number,"Value to insert") 
#['h','o','g','e']The index number of is from the beginning[0,1,2,3], From the end[-4,-3,-2,-1]
puts hoge.insert(-1,"s")  #Insert at the end
>> hoges

puts hoge.insert(0,"s")  #Insert at the beginning
>> shoge

#Destructive method
String.delete_suffix("Value to erase")  #末尾のValue to eraseを消去
puts gehoge.delete_suffix("ge")
>> geho  #The beginning does not disappear

#Replace (end)"ge"To"ver"Convert to)
puts gehoge.delete_suffix("ge").insert(-1,"ver")
>> hehover

reference https://qiita.com/uuchan/items/a4e9382440bdc4d2ac75 https://qiita.com/prgseek/items/92b49fe6b0a579f9cdd8

I wish I could replace it quickly, but it was difficult, so I pushed it with a matching technique If you know a better way, please comment!

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