java --Unification of comments

A note on unifying java comments when using Doxygen

1. Header comment

 * @Title      : ${PACKAGE_NAME}
 * @Description:
 * @company    : ** corp
 * @history    : Created by ${USER} on ${DATE}.
public class ${PACKAGE_NAME} {
    /* constractor */
    ${PACKAGE_NAME} () {

Put the above in the template and enter it automatically when creating the class. Enter the class name in @Title Describe the outline of the class in @Description Describe the creator or company in @company Enter the date of creation or modification in @history

2 Method comment

 *  @brief  This function is called by the application to add ...
 *  @param len  Length
 *  @param data Data
 *  @param src  Src
 *  @return     result
 *  @since      ticket no.
private bool storeData(int len, int data, int src)

The method is outlined in @brief Describes the details of the @param parameter. It is easy to understand in the post-process if you describe what kind of data and what range it is. @return Enter the return value. This is also easy to understand if you describe the type and range of data.

Register it in the comment generation tool so that you can fill it out automatically. Personally, Visual Studio Code is good.

3 Property comment

Instead of writing line by line, write in execution units.

 // @summary The Name property ...

4 Summary

For me, leave the comments so loose The rest is a group that manages with Doxygen settings

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