How to create a new Gradle + Java + Jar project in Intellij 2016.03

I will summarize how to create a Gradle + Java project using Intellij 2016.03 and output a jar file.

Open the new project wizard, select Gradle from the left and Java on the right. imgTemp-2016-12-31-00-05-41.png

Enter the group ID, artifact ID, and version. This value can be changed later. imgTemp-2016-12-31-00-14-06.png

Project settings. It is important to check Create directories for empty content roots automatically. imgTemp-2016-12-31-01-32-35.png

Specifying the project name and directory path imgTemp-2016-12-31-02-43-22.png

This completes the new project creation. The screen looks like this. imgTemp-2016-12-31-03-06-28.png

Then call the static main method to make it executable.


Then press refresh in the Gradle window. Although it is already displayed in the figure, the application run task is added.


Then write the sample source. At this stage, you can see that the external library is available. The processing content has no particular meaning.


Then double-click run to run it.


Next, create a jar file. Add a block of jars to your gradle file. imgTemp-2016-12-31-03-26-54.png

Then run the jar task imgTemp-2016-12-31-03-27-38.png

A jar file is created. The path may be a little confusing. imgTemp-2016-12-31-03-31-06.png

Since it is an executable jar, it can be executed as it is imgTemp-2016-12-31-03-32-47.png


To respecify the group artifact version, rewrite the following: Rewriting the artifact ( has a wide range of influence, so it is better not to rewrite it too much.



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