[JAVA] Use Git with SourceTree and Eclipse

Use Git with SourceTree and Eclipse

This goal

Clone a remote Git repository locally so you can edit it in Eclipse (you can see your edits in Eclipse from SourceTree)

Advance preparation

Install SourceTree and Eclipse

This execution environment

OS:Windows7 SourceTree: Eclipse:4.4.2

Implementation procedure

  1. Remote repository clone
  2. Register your local Git repository in Eclipse
  3. Push to remote repository

1. Remote Git clone

Open SourceTree and clone from the URL of the remote repository to the local environment


2. Register local Git in Eclipse

2-1. Add Git from "Open Perspective" 2-2. Select "Add an existing local Git repository" and specify the local repository cloned in step 1. 2-3. Change the perspective (Java this time), right-click in Package Explorer → select Import 2-4. Select "Select Import Source"-> "Git"-> "Project from Git" and click "Next (N)>" 2-5. After selecting "Existing Local Repository", click "Next (N)>" 2-6. The local repository added in step 2-2. Should be displayed. Select it and click "Next (N)>". 2-7. Import existing project (E) → Click "Next (N)>", check the "Project" you want to import, and click "Finish". The project will be added



3. Push to remote

When editing a file in a project with Eclipse etc., the edited file is displayed by selecting "File Status"-> "Working Copy" in SourceTree. When you reach that point, commit, push, etc. as appropriate.

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