[CENTOS] How to install Titan2D (v4.2.0) in virtual environment


Titan2D (v4.2.0) doesn't seem to support "Material Map". </ font>


I am a computer amateur. (Four months ago, I never used Linux, of course, and never used a terminal.) Please understand that there may be many mistakes such as wording.

① Build a virtual environment (VMware)

-Create a virtual environment by referring to the following site. https://qiita.com/iwa_gino/items/11aaffa9e49f2fc423d0

  • In ↑, Ubuntu is used as the distribution, but I used CentOS8. (I think it's okay with your favorite distribution.)

② Download Titan2D (v4.2.0)

Please download and decompress Titan2D (v4.2.0) using a terminal on Linux by referring to the following site. https://github.com/TITAN2D/titan2d/releases

  • When you access the above URL, there is an item that says "Installation instruction from binaries". (Copy and enter the terminal in order of red letters (URL is green).) Installation instruction from binaries Download and unpack: #download wget https://github.com/TITAN2D/titan2d/releases/download/v4.2.0/titan2d-v4.2.0-Linux-64bit.tar.gz

#untar tar xvzf titan2d-v4.2.0-Linux-64bit.tar.gz

  • If you can do this, downloading and decompression is complete.

To test: #get to example directory cd titan2d-v4.2.0/share/titan2d_examples/colimafinemini/Coulomb

#execute with 2 threads ../../../../bin/titan -nt 2 input.py

  • I think the calculation will continue for a while, but if it becomes Done, the download and decompression will be successful.

③ Launch the operation screen of Titan2D (v4.2.0)

Execute the following commands in order on the terminal. $cd $cd titan2d-v4.2.0/bin $ sh titan_gui.sh (If that doesn't work, try $ sudo bash titan_gui.sh.) 図1.png

Then, the following screen will appear. 図4.png

④ Execution and visualization of Titan2D (v4.2.0)

After the operation screen is displayed in (3), enter the parameters according to the following URL (user guide). https://vhub.org/resources/4057/download/Titan2D_User_Guide.pdf

  • I used the Grass format for the GIS data (DEM data), but I couldn't write it here because I couldn't prepare the GIS data. (I'm sorry.)

in conclusion

"I can't create a virtual environment" "I can't install CentOS" "Linux can't connect to the Internet" "Linux starts up with CUI and can't be operated as GUI" "Can't set Linux time zone to Japan" "Host-guest Problems that can be solved immediately by those who are familiar with personal computers, such as "I can't create a shared folder", are also difficult problems for people like me who are dealing with them for the first time. I have been taken care of by various people, so I would like to respond if I can understand.

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