[JAVA] Get only the file name, excluding the extension


Get only the file name, excluding the extension

Implementation example


import java.io.File;
String fullPathString = "/home/hoge/abc.txt";

public static String getFileName(final String fullPathString) {
		File file = new File(fullPathString);
		String basename = file.getName();
		String woext = basename.substring(0,basename.lastIndexOf('.'));
String basename = file.getName();

Get the file name with the getName () method

String woext = basename.substring(0,basename.lastIndexOf('.'));

Get from the first argument to the second argument character with the substring () method Check the number of the argument ('.') Counting from the end with the lastINdexOf () method

You should now see abc


https://java-code.jp/187 https://java-code.jp/795 http://simplesandsamples.com/basename-rmext.java.html

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