Java paid private memo

Checking the contents as it is related to the fact that Java's support by Oracle will be charged in January next year. It is necessary to decide the stance on the development side regarding the update schedules of both OpenJDK and Oracle Java. After all, I don't really need Java support right now, but what if something goes wrong? That's it. Especially in the context of Enterprise, there are cases where contracts are tied to out of support, so be careful.

JDK: New release model description (ver.2.1)

The material from Oracle in October is as above. OpenJDK is released every 6 months, and there is no overlap in the free support period. If you choose OpenJDK and need support, you will need to keep updating. It depends on the application, but the model that keeps updating every 6 months takes a lot of time, so is it actually a form to update only when there is a problem? As I mentioned earlier, it is honestly strict in cases where it is forbidden to use out-of-support items. In that case, it will still be Oracle JDK. Initially, the price was expected to be harsh, but the price of the subscription model announced in June (Slide 22) is ¥ 3,000 / month per CPU when using a server. If it is possible to pass these on to customers in the form of usage fees and maintenance costs, this option is effective. I don't think the server has 1 CPU, so if you have 2 to 4 CPUs, it's about ¥ 72,000 to ¥ 144,000. It depends on the application, but it seems that there are some applications that get upset.

On the contrary, the fact that Oracle license fees tend to rise year by year is the most disturbing factor. In that sense, is it an option to use OpenJDK while waking up with update verification possible?

When considering OpenJDK, take AdoptOpenJDK into consideration.

OpenJDK binaries are provided by the community, but when I'm researching, there are some voices recommending this over OpenJDK. The code base is OpenJDK, but it has also been tested by the community. Support will be seen in the form of LTS for 4 years ( However, how effective is the support provided by such a community accepted?

We can expect that it will be widely supported and Amazon, not just the support on the community and the AWS cloud. AdoptOpenJDK may be positioned as known to those who know it, but Amazon is well known. Isn't it enough to provide services in a cloud environment? As for the customer on-premises environment, it should be a sufficient option.

In any case, it is a story that each company needs to clarify its own stance.

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