[RUBY] [Rails] Introduce Carrierwave

For a blog app that allows you to post only the title and text Introducing Carrierwave when the photo posting function is added I summarized the procedure.

1. Edit the Gemfile file


gem 'carrierwave'
gem 'mini_magick'


% bundle install

2. Create an uploader


rails g uploader image

After execution, image_uploader.rb will be created under app / uploaders.

3. Mount the uploader


class Message < ApplicationRecord
  belongs_to :group
  belongs_to :user
  belongs_to :heven

  validates :content, presence: true, unless: :image?

  mount_uploader :image,ImageUploader ⬅️ This one line

4. Allows image resizing

Uncomment ** include CarrierWave :: MiniMagick ** Add ** process resize_to_fit: [800, 800] ** to any line. This allows you to resize the aspect within 800px while maintaining the aspect ratio.


class ImageUploader < CarrierWave::Uploader::Base
  # Include RMagick or MiniMagick support:
  # include CarrierWave::RMagick
  include CarrierWave::MiniMagick ⬅️ Activate


  process resize_to_fit: [600, 600]⬅️ Addendum


Now you are ready to upload the image.

Thank you for visiting.

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