Problems that can easily be mistaken for Java and JavaScript


I scream to be a little kinky. Maybe everyone reading this too You've probably heard of it.

It says from conclusion

Java and JavaScript are different! !! !!

Why do you make a mistake

If you simply dismiss it as "insufficient study" It's easy For some reason, JavaScript is stubbornly called "Java" There are people who say something.

Why this happens

The language itself called JavaScript With Sun Microsystems, which was involved in Java development Because it was a developed language

But come on

Yeah, I understand, I understand that feeling If you are an IT engineer at Honma, this is the difference It's natural to understand.

Some people still don't understand

why! !! I think it's common sense in IT People who are not familiar with IT in the IT industry There are a certain number. (That's funny)

A big misunderstanding due to the charge for Java

Originally in the workplace There was an app that used "JavaScript". When Java is paid In utilizing the above application It will be charged, but is it okay? I received a question such as.

Case premise

At the requirements definition and specification stage I have already refused to use Java

Is it a literacy issue?

Still, it says "Java" What did you misunderstand There are people who are often asked questions. I have no choice but to study this much.

People who are truly called engineers in Japan

Probably ** I think it's people who study every day **. Catch up on new information It ’s important for engineers to evolve think.

If you want to make extremist remarks Otherwise you are not an engineer. Even if there is a person who calls himself an engineer If it deviates from my definition I'm not standing on the same level as myself. I think so.


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