[RAILS] [Ruby] I want to do a method jump!


Environment macOS Catalina 10.15.5

I want to do a method jump so that when I read the source code written by another person in Ruby, I can easily find the definition location of the method, so I will write down the method I arrived at after trying various things.

I mainly used Atom as a text editor, but I tried various methods of jumping Ruby code with Atom, but it didn't work.

Conclusion Easy to use VS Code

It was decided that

Installation procedure

1. Download VS Code here


2. Japanese localization

--Select view from the menu bar --Select command palette --Select configure display language --select install additional language --Find the package of Japanese Language Pack for Visual Studio Code --Select configure display language again --Select ja --VSCode restart

3. Install the package Ruby

You can search in the extension search box

4. Enable the jump function

Open the settings of the installed Ruby extension Ruby: Changed Intellisense from false to rubylocate

5. How to do method jump

Hold down ⌘ and click the method you want to jump to to the definition location!

It took about 15 minutes so far, so it was very easy!

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