[RUBY] Build an environment for Rails projects under Git management in Cloud9


I wanted to work on a Rails application that was originally created in a MacOS environment on Windows, but I thought it would be easy to do it on AWS if I did it on Windows, so I built the environment on Cloud9 for the first time in a while.


AWS Cloud9 Ruby 2.7.0 Ruby on Rails 6.0.3 Chrome (any browser is fine)

Create an instance in Cloud9

Sign in as an IAM user to AWS. (This is a problem I don't really understand.) Click on Cloud9 at the bottom of the service.


Click the button to create an environment image.png

Enter your favorite app name in Name. You can use the name of a project that is already managed by Git. This time, I chose Sample_app. Then Next step. image.png

Select Ubuntu Server for Platform in the settings. Others are OK by default. When using Rails6, do not choose it because it is impossible with Amazon Linux due to the version of SQLite3. image.png And Next step.

You will be taken to the confirmation screen, so Create environment! After a while, the screen below appears and I first made a place to put the program. This tab is unnecessary, so you can delete it. image.png

Clone the program

Click the + button and select New Terminal. The terminal will start up. By doing the following, the document will not be downloaded, so the installation will be quicker.

$ echo "gem: --no-document" >> ~/.gemrc


$git clone Git repository URL

I was able to clone it. Now, change to the directory of the cloned program.

$cd program directory name

Then you will be alerted as follows:

Required ruby-2.7.0 is not installed.
To install do: 'rvm install "ruby-2.7.0"'

I need Ruby 2.7.0!

Install Ruby 2.7.0

The version of Ruby I want to use this time is 2.7.0, and Rails is 6.0.2. Match to the program under development. Since the version is different from Ruby installed by default, install it in this environment. I will go straight.

$ rvm install "ruby-2.7.0"

image.png OK。

Download and install YARN

$ source <(curl -sL https://cdn.learnenough.com/yarn_install)
$ yarn install --check-files

If the above works, skip the command below and go to Bundler installation. This may not work, so you can do the following:

$ curl -o- -L https://yarnpkg.com/install.sh | bash

The following screen will appear and the installation is complete. It says that you can use it when you open a new terminal. image.png

Now, try opening a new terminal by pressing the + button.

$ yarn --version

Since it came out as 1.22.5, installation is OK.

Install gems such as Rails

First, install Bundler. It may take some time depending on the contents of the program's Gemfile.

$ bundle install

Make sure Rails is installed.

$ rails --version

It came out as, so it's OK.

Install the specific webpacker from Rails6.

$ rails webpacker:install

what? Is it a conflict? Y is OK. image.png image.png Alright. OK.

Allow screen access in Cloud9 development environment

Add to the following file. Because you need to access the Cloud9 environment with a browser to check the screen. config/environments/development.rb One step above the bottom end.



Don't forget the following command as it is an existing project.

rails db:migrate

Finally start the program!

$ rails s


To check the screen, click the Preview tab> Preview Running Application at the top. After that, click the red frame part to start the browser in another tab. image.png Alright! This screen is the default screen of the program used this time. Now that this is out, development will proceed in this condition! image.png

We operate the following sites.

https://dokusyo-no-wa.com/ I thought it would be convenient if I could do this development on both Mac and Windows PC.

Reference article

https://skillhub.jp/courses/134/lessons/785 (Preparing Rails 6 on Cloud9) https://happy-teeth.hatenablog.com/entry/2019/09/17/110208 (Amazon Linux cannot use SQLite3.) https://qiita.com/8zca/items/175efb0612070530d186 (Run Rails 6.0 with SQLite3 (> = 3.8) in CentOS environment)

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