[RUBY] [RSpec] When you want to use the instance variable of the controller in the test [assigns is not recommended]

Starting with Rails 5, assigns (also assert_template) has been deprecated. For the time being, the controller test itself is not deprecated, so assigns can be used, but you need to install a gem called rails-controller-testing.

However, this is just a remedy for existing projects and it is not recommended to use assigns in new projects. (I don't know why it's so crazy. Please let me know if you know: pray :)

instead of,


You can get an instance variable by using.

Code example

I have excerpted a part of the password reset process test I wrote recently.


RSpec.describe 'PasswordResets', type: :request do
  let(:user) { create(:user) }

 describe 'Access to password reset edit screen' do
    context 'When the email address is incorrect' do
      it 'user should be redirected to the password reset page' do
        post password_resets_path, params: { password_reset: { email: user.email } }
        user = controller.instance_variable_get('@user')
        get edit_password_reset_path(user.reset_token, email: '')
        expect(flash[:danger]).to be_truthy
        expect(request.fullpath).to eq '/password_resets/new'

In the code above, I wanted to access the reset_token attribute, so it feels like I'm getting an instance variable called @user for the create action.

Thank you for reading to the end!

I've been desperate to deploy personally developed apps lately and it's a bit short: pray: Once the deployment is complete, I'll write another article! !! Thank you.

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