[JAVA] Going out of message (Spring boot)

Step 1 ~ Setting applicaton.properties ~

Write as follows in src / main / resources / application.properties. If the locale is ja in Japanese environment, read messages_ja.properties.


spring.messages.basename=messages  //File name (no extension required)

Step 2 ~ Messages.properties setting (message file) ~

Create src / main / resources / messages.properties

If there is no file ** messages.properties **, auto-configuration of messageSource will not be executed and an error message will be displayed at startup, so create an empty file.


When multilingualizing, prepare a file after messages that indicates the locale, for example, messages_en.properties for English (en) and messages_ja.properties for Japanese. This time, create the locale messages_ja.properties which means Japanese.


#Hello World
hello.world=Hello World

Step 3 ~ Reference on Java side ~

Define MessageSource as a property.


public class UserController {

protected MessageSource messageSource;

public String hello(Model model) {

     model.addAttribute("Msg", messageSource.getMessage("hello.world", null, Locale.JAPAN));
     return "hello";


Step 4 ~ Reference with HTML + thymeleaf ~


<h1 th:text="${Msg}">XXXXX</h1>

Others ~ Refer directly to HTML + tymeleaf ~


<h1 th:text="#{hello.world}">XXXXX</h1>

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