Note that system properties including JAXBContext cannot be used in Java11

It took a long time and it was quite difficult, so I made a memorandum.

During development, there was talk of updating the Java version of a project that was working so far to 11.

In conclusion, I got stuck with an endless error containing a message like the one below.

JAXBContext cannot be resolved The import javax.xml.bind cannot be resolved

There were other errors, but the point is that the previously used libraries such as javax.xml.bind suddenly became unusable.


Java11(jdk-11.0.1) Spring Tool Suite 3.9.6.RELEASE


Add the following to pom.xml


You need to prepare a library that is said to be missing.

Oracle JDK 11 Release Notes

There was an item called Removed Features and Options in Oracle's JDK 11 Release Notes. It seems that some system properties will be unavailable from Java 11.

↓ Copy the area that was related to you. (The library where the deficit was angry)

In addition, the following system properties are no longer applicable due to the the removal of the Java EE and CORBA modules: javax.xml.bind.context.factory javax.xml.bind.JAXBContext javax.xml.soap.MetaFactory jaxb.fragment jaxb.noNamespaceSchemaLocation jaxb.schemaLocation jaxb.formatted.output jaxb.encoding

The whole story is written in the release notes.

■ Release notes

■ Removed Features and Options

There are many other things such as mail.mime missing.

The project that used the library deleted here until now was that if you update to Java 11 without preparation, an error will naturally occur.


A page I found while searching to solve the above error (I didn't know the cause at that time)

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