Install Ruby on Ubuntu 20.04

Install Ruby on Ubuntu 20.04


--Installation of related applications --Install rbenv (version manager) --Install the specified version with rbenv --Check operation with irb

Installation of related applications

--Execute the following command

$ sudo apt-get install -y libreadline-dev

Install rbenv (version manager)

--Execute the following command

$ git clone ~/.rbenv/plugins/ruby-build
$ git clone ~/.rbenv

--Add the following to bashrc or zshrc and put it in your PATH.

export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/.rbenv/bin 

--Confirm that rbenv was installed

#Reload for bash
$ source ~/.bashrc
#Reload for zsh
$ source ~/.zshrc

$ rbenv init
#Version confirmation
$ rbenv --version

Install the specified version with rbenv

--Execute the following command

$ rbenv install 2.7.1
$ rbenv global 2.7.1
$ ruby --version

Operation check with irb

--Finally, check if ruby works in the interactive environment.

$ irb
irb(main)> 5 + 10
=> 15

trouble shooting

rbenv: no such command install when trying to install the specified version with rbenv


The ruby build plugin is not installed


Execute the following command.

$ git clone ~/.rbenv/plugins/ruby-build

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