[JAVA] Eclipse shortcut keys (Windows, Mac)

I use mac at home and windows at work! Since I have little experience as an engineer, I decided to write a shortcut here instead of a dictionary to improve development efficiency!

You should definitely remember!

windows mac
Indent Ctrl+shift+F command+⇧+F
Comment out(Release) Ctrl+/Or
Open declaration F3 F3
javadoc comment Alt+Shift+J option+command+J
Step in F5 F5
Step over F6 F6
Step return F7 F7
Resume F8 F8

** Supplement **

javadock comment Comments that are written to generate a document that describes the program. It is an essential item in the field.
Step-in Used for debugging, it advances to the next paused line and pauses. When calling a method on the target line, enter the called method and pause at the beginning.
Step over Used for debugging, it advances to the next paused line and pauses. The difference from step-in is that if you are calling a method on the target line, do those things before proceeding to the next line.
Step return It is used at the time of debugging, when it goes to the return of the method being executed and returns to the calling method. Pause.

During the training period, I worked hard line by line to indent! When I learned this, I was impressed and wondered what my time was! Commenting out also purposely added "/ ** /" at the beginning and end of the line ... Shortcuts are important.

Also, be sure to add javadock comments on site! I was ashamed because I didn't understand the common sense.

It will be faster if you remember! Convenient!

windows mac
Run Ctrl+F11 ⇧+command+F11
Debug F11 command+F11
assist Ctrl+space (*)Environmental setting
Automatic import Ctrl+Shift+O command+⇧+O
Jump to the specified line Ctrl+L command+L
Find, replace Ctrl+F command+F
Jump to the corresponding bracket Ctrl+Shift+P ⇧+command+P
Tab search Ctrl+E command+E
Change variable names all at once Alt+Shift+R option+command+R
(*) On mac, it is set to "control + space" by default, but when you actually press it on eclipse Spotlight search opens. The shortcut on the OS side has priority over the shortcut on the eclipse side. So, change the shortcut on the eclipse side or change the OS side to resolve the conflict. On the eclipse side, you can change it from "eclipse"-> "Preferences"-> "General"-> "Key".

** Supplement **

Change variable names all at once This is very convenient, so I will supplement it!
You can modify related parts such as class name, method name, and variable name together. ① Select the name you want to change and then press the shortcut. ② When the name is surrounded by a square, enter a new name and press Enter

I still can't forget the shock of learning about automatic imports. If you think that something is wrong and press Ctrl + Shift + O, the error disappears at once! The feeling of exhilaration at that time is irresistible.

  • This is to add the necessary packages, not a shortcut to eliminate the error. By the way, you can also set it to be done automatically by the save action.

Execution is still done by right-clicking. Rather, those who are running with shortcuts, I may not have seen ... I want to be able to use it naturally.

Compromise with mouse operation, (in my case)

windows mac
Open call hierarchy Ctrl+Alt+H control+option+H
New Ctrl+N command+N
New menu Alt+Shift+N option+command+N
Property Alt+Enter option+return
close Ctrl+W command+W
Close all Ctrl+Shift+W command+⇧+W
Execute by specifying the startup method Alt+Shift+X option+command+X
Breakpoint switching Ctrl+Shift+B ⇧+command+B
Next view Ctrl+F7 command+F7
Previous view Ctrl+Shift+F7 command+⇧+F7
Next editor Ctrl+F6 command+F6
Previous editor Ctrl+Shift+F6 command+⇧+F6
Next tab Ctrl+PageDown control+fn+↓
Previous tab Ctrl+PageUp control+fn+↑

If you don't like mice, you should use it!


Since this is my first post on qiita, there may be many places to go, but I hope it will be helpful for you and those who have little development experience!