[RUBY] Walls hit by Rspec for the first time


I finally decided to start working on Rspec. It seems that you can do various tests using this. It's amazing. However, it seemed a little tough, so I decided to use online teaching materials. This is Take off Rails.


I haven't had enough time these days, so I needed to streamline things. It's a form of buying time with money, which was very good. The information is aggregated and I asked if I didn't understand.

Even so, I've had a lot of trouble, so I'll write it here.

rails g model user -s can't

This time, to create spec / models / user_spec.rb and spec / factories / users.rb for the existing user model,

$ rails g model user -s

Tried to run. However, an error occurred.

$ rails g model user -s
Running via Spring preloader in process 1605
      invoke  active_record
The name 'User' is either already used in your application or reserved by Ruby on Rails. 
Please choose an alternative or use --force to skip this check and run this generator again.

Apparently the skip option wasn't available. I asked a question, committed all the modified files, then did $ rails g model user --force and ran $ git restore .. By doing this, the same effect as skip was obtained.

Error suffering from devise and normal action URL

When I tried to test the create action of the user controller, I got the following error.

  1) Users POST /users Can create user records
     Failure/Error: expect{subject }.to change { User.count }.by(1)
       expected `User.count` to have changed by 1, but was changed by 0
     # ./spec/requests/users_spec.rb:53:in `block (3 levels) in <main>'

When I searched for the cause, I found that it did not transition to the user # create action. Instead, devise's #create action was being executed.

When I checked with $ rails routes, the paths of devise # controller and user # controller were the same. I have to change this a little.

It was set as follows.


Rails.application.routes.draw do
  root to: 'users#index'
  devise_for :users
  resources :users ,path_names: { create: 'make' } do
    resources :plants do
      resources :growth_records, shallow: true
  scope 'username' do
    resources :users, only: [:create]


This time, I changed the part of scope. This eliminates routing conflicts. Part of the test looks like this:

RSpec.describe "Users", type: :request do
  describe "POST /users" do
    subject { post('/username/users' ,params: params) }
    let(:params){ {user: attributes_for(:user)} }

    it "Can create user records" do
      expect{subject }.to change { User.count }.by(1)
      expect(response).to have_http_status(204)

The previous post (users_path, params: params) has been changed to post ('/ username / users', params: params).


The world of Rspec is deep. Right now, I'm only conscious of no errors, but I want to think about "what tests are needed and how much" by myself.

After all, programming is fun.

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