[RUBY] Rails Tutorial 6th Edition Learning Summary Chapter 5


This article deepens my understanding by writing a Rails tutorial commentary article to further solidify my knowledge It is part of my study. In rare cases, ridiculous content or incorrect content may be written. Please note. I would appreciate it if you could tell me implicitly ...

Source Rails Tutorial 6th Edition

What to do in this chapter

The style is not applied to the view created before, so I will arrange it with Bootstrap. You will also learn about functions around the view such as partial and Asset Pipeline.

Add structure

Bootstrap published by Twitter can easily apply sophisticated designs without studying CSS very much. Make good use of Bootstrap and apply styles.


I will briefly explain the key code.

-``` [If It IE 9] `` `: Called a conditional comment. Supported by IE. This time I used it to read HTML5 shim under IE9.

-``` Link_to "link_text", "URL" `` `: One of the Rails helpers. Create a link. You can also specify a named route in the URL.