[JAVA] How to get parameters in Spark

There are several ways to pass data when retrieving data from a client.

Request parameters

How to specify a variable after the URL after?

You can get it with request.queryParams

POST data

How to set a variable in the request body.

You can get it with request.queryParams.

If the same variable name is specified in the request parameter, the value will be overwritten and cannot be obtained.

Path parameter

Spark allows you to get part of the URL as a variable.

You can get it with request.params.


This is a sample of acquisition. How to receive the value when hitting this URL is

curl -X POST -d "postparam=hellopost" http://localhost:4567/hellopath/?urlparam=hellourl

 The acquisition method is as follows.

#### **`python`**

public static void main(String[] args) {

  post("/:pathparam/", (request, response) -> {
    System.out.println(request.param("pathparam")); // =>hello path is displayed
    System.out.println(request.queryParams("urlparam")); // =>hellourl is displayed
    System.out.println(request.queryParams("postparam")); // =>hellopost is displayed

    return null;


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