[JAVA] The story of tuning android apps with libGDX


9 years ago. The iOS app is ranked number one in Japan. iOS Solitaire V Casually proud: relaxed:

I made an android app as well. Made with native. Since it was native and android2.x at that time, I used SurfaceView. android solitaire V

The anime wasn't good enough: sob :, it worked. The frame rate was a bit low.

Both android / iOS are currently commemorating the 10th anniversary.

A few years ago, I wanted to tune. Unified source with iOS I want to, but there is too much to do to unify ...

Well, like GLSerfaceView. It looks annoying. Moreover, there is no guarantee that it will improve.

At that time, such an article Introduction to libGDX in Android Studio

Ah libGDX ... I did it before trying to make it web. GWT wasn't good enough and stopped halfway through. Is it possible to do libGDX only for some screens?

That's why only some functions are libGDX, and the functions that have no problem are native. I decided to tune it as an android app with a different configuration.


good point

――It was tuned properly. Development was also quite quick. ――I was able to reuse the libGDX code I had thrown away before. ――Because I can follow the Java source, it was a lot of help. --Android native layout could be displayed on the libGDX screen. I was able to go with libGDX only at the very least. It was easy. --You can also use the familiar texture packer.

Bad point

--There is no in-depth information in Japanese ...


It was pretty good. As an android app, it wasn't the wrong choice.

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