[RUBY] When you want to ZIP download the image data saved locally

What you want to solve

I want to zip download main.jpg and top_map_off.jpg that are saved locally. image.png


Images can only be exported in binary mode, so specify binary mode when opening.

Zip::OutputStream.open('example.zip') do |zip|
  default_images = ["main", "top_map_off"]
  default_images.each do |default_image|
    img_path = Rails.root.join(
      "app", "lib",  "output", "download_tpl", @kikaku_date.kikaku_cd, "#{target}", "images", "#{default_image}.jpg 
    ) #Full path of locally stored image files
    zip.put_next_entry "#{@zip_file_basename}/#{target}/images/#{default_image}.jpg "
    zip.print open(img_path, "rb").read  #Open image in binary mode

Output binary data to standard output in Ruby

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