[JAVA] eclipse I definitely want you to use Transcendental Recommended Shortcut Key (Windows)

Among them, those that are frequently used personally are marked with a star.

look for

Open the mold ★

When you want to find a class, you can use this function to search by class name. It is convenient because you can search by wildcards such as prefix match, suffix match, and partial match.

Ctrl + Shift + T

Open resource ★

When you want to find a file, you can use this function to find it by file name. You can search by wildcards such as prefix match, suffix match, and partial match.

Ctrl + Shift + R

Open search window

Open a window to search. It is often used to search for files in the workspace with "File Search".

Ctrl + H


Comment out / Uncomment out ★

You can comment out or uncomment the target line. I use it as a matter of course, but beginners don't know it. It's irresistible to see a beginner wearing multiple lines one by one //, so please remember it first.

Ctrl + /

Delete line ★

You can erase one line.

Ctrl + D

Code completion ★

Candidate methods and fields for class instances appear. Normally, if you add ., candidates will appear naturally, but you can use it when you do not inadvertently select a candidate or when you want to see other candidates after deciding a candidate. If you write "syso" or "sysout" and Ctrl + Space, Sysout.out.println () will be generated.

Ctrl + Space

Open the declaration ★

Open the source code of the target class or method.

F3 or Ctrl + left click

Import statement automatic organization ★

When there are not enough imports, or when unnecessary imports remain, this is an excellent item that can be neatly organized in one shot!

Ctrl + Shift + O

Open call hierarchy

It lists the processes that call the target method.

Ctrl + Alt + H

Refactoring / renaming

Used when changing the class name, instance name, variable name, and method name. It's quite convenient because the refactoring function automatically changes the affected parts at once.

Alt + Shift + R

Editor tab

Move editor tabs ★

Used to move the editor tab for each class.

Move to Ctrl + PageUp ← Go to Ctrl + PageDown

Switching editors ★

Use when you want to select an editor for each class.

Ctrl + Shift + E

Editor tab close ★

This closes the tab of the class you have finished viewing.

Ctrl + W

Close all editor tabs ★

If you open too many classes, this is it.

Ctrl + Shift + W


Re-execution ★

You can re-execute what you once executed in the console app. If you have never executed it, the "Execution Configuration" window will appear, so you can select and set the execution target.

Ctrl + F11

Debug rerun

You can run the previous debug again.


Operation during debugging

Shortcut key Use Description
F5 Step in It is used when you want to go inside the method of the corresponding processing that is stopped.
F6★ Step over It is used to advance step by step from the place where you stopped at the breakpoint.
F7 Step return Used when you want to return to the caller's processing from the location where the step is being executed.
F8★ Resume It is used to cancel the state stopped by debugging and proceed. Stop at the next breakpoint you reach.

Breakpoint setting / cancellation

You can set or cancel breakpoints on the line.

Ctrl + Shift + B

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