[JAVA] Proxy Pattern

Proxy Let the Proxy class take over the tasks of a specific class Have a method to delegate tasks that cannot be processed by Proxy class to a specific class Instances of a specific class will not be created until the task is delegated to a specific class </ b> </ font>

The following is described on this page -Check the structure of Proxy Pattern ·Implementation

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Checking the structure of Proxy Pattern

Check with the following class structure

class Explanation
sam.class Class on behalf of Proxy
samProxy.class sam.Acting for class tasks


class sam{
  void sm1(){}
  void sm2(){}}


class samProxy{
  sam  sam;
  void sm1(){}
  void sm2(){sam.sm2();}  //Delegate the task to the sam class. Create a sam instance just before this


sm1 () in interface is a task that can be processed by samProxy class sm2 () in interface is a task that the samProxy class cannot handle will do


interface s{
  void sm1();
  void sm2();


class sam implements s{
  public void sm1(){System.out.println("sam1");}
  public void sm2(){System.out.println("sam2");}


class samProxy implements s{
  sam  sam;
  public void sm1(){System.out.println("proxy1");}
  public void sm2(){        //A method that delegates tasks that cannot be processed by samProxy to sam
         if(sam == null){   //Create a sam instance when you need it
            sam =  new sam();


public static void main(String[] args){
  s s = new samProxy();

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