Specify ClassPath when using jupyter + Java with WSL

Set the classpath when using JupyterLab + Java.

Where is the config file

$ jupyter kernelspec list

java       /path/to/jupyter/kernels/java
python3    /path/to/jupyter/kernels/python3

I will make a kernel called java-lib which is different from normal Java

$ cd /home/user_name/.local/share/jupyter/kernels/ $ mkdir java-lib $ cd java-lib $ ln -s ../java/ijava-1.3.0.jar $ cp ../java/kernel.json ./ $ vi kernel.json


    "argv": [
    "display_name": "Java-lib",
    "language": "java",
    "interrupt_mode": "message",
    "env": {


did it. If the classpath appears in a sloppy manner with the following code, it is successful.

Properties properties = System.getProperties();
String clsPath = properties.getProperty("java.class.path");

However, it seems that the classpath cannot be changed for each executable file. Well, it seems quite so with the punishing method of putting all the jar files in a specific lib file.

However, I'm so used to Eclipse that I'm not sure how much code I can write in JupyterLab, where completion doesn't work very well ...

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