[DOCKER] I want to operate cron with GUI, so I will install Dkron

Thing you want to do

Increasingly, cron is used to run useful tools for myself. You can use cron, but I want to check or stop JOB on the WEB. Since it runs on its own server, I want to run it on Docker. I don't do clusters or multi-configuration.

What is Dkron

It seems to be an easy and reliable Cron job


Official TOP Page

Install Since there is an official image, it can be started with a Docker command. About options Forward web port as is with 8080 Mount the dkron.data volume because I want to keep the job information out Set the mounted volume to the dkron boot option (--data-dir) Bootstrap-expect is 1 because it is not in a cluster configuration If you do not give a node name, it will be a random name docker rm dkron → docker run If you try, the previous information can not be inherited well, so give it appropriately (node-name)

docker run --name dkron -p 8080:8080 -d -v dkron.data:/dkron.data dkron/dkron agent --server --bootstrap-expect=1  --data-dir=/dkron.data --node-name=node1

Official Guide

Job registration

Transition to the dashboard from the following URL and register the JOB. Note that the old dkron was confused because/dashboard seemed to be the path.


Of course, you can register JOB even if you poke API from HTTP

curl localhost:8080/v1/jobs -XPOST -d '{
  "name": "job1",
  "schedule": "@every 10s",
  "timezone": "Europe/Berlin",
  "owner": "Platform Team",
  "owner_email": "[email protected]",
  "disabled": false,
  "tags": {
    "server": "true:1"
  "metadata": {
    "user": "12345"
  "concurrency": "allow",
  "executor": "shell",
  "executor_config": {
    "command": "date"

Job operation check

Check from the following URL. It seems that job1 registered with the API earlier is running every 10 seconds.



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