[JAVA] I recently made a js app in the rumored Dart language

Recently, when I was researching various things with Flutter, which is three times more productive than the rumor, there was a dart language, and I was wondering if I could make a JS application, so I tried using it. https://dart.dev

Published as a facebook instant game. https://fb.gg/play/solitaireproworld

Ported the android application developed in java. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.projapan.solitaire

Since it is a game app, it uses the StageXL framework. This is a Flash-like API. http://www.stagexl.org

good point

--The build is fast. It reloads in about 5 seconds. Once you get used to it, you can develop it quickly and it feels super comfortable. --Similar to Java, so it's easy to port from java. Easy for java programmers to enter. --Compared to java, Dart is better without complaint. completely different. Objective-C fucking --Since it is a new language, there are few strange restrictions. C ++ or shit --I used VS Code for the IDE, but it's light. Recent XCode is shit. Can also be developed in android Studio. ――When you get used to it, you can develop it quickly and it feels super comfortable. ――It's not related to Dart, but automatic source formatting with VS Code is good. Increase productivity. (I wasn't interested until now) --You can also use webGL. Stage XL is turned on at Defo. Well it turned off because of an old device. If it is a new device, ON will improve the performance. ――JS is quite big, but it can be gzipped, so there is no problem. This app was 748KB-> 212KB. --Dart source level DEBUG is possible only with Chrome! As expected it is genuine.

Bad point

--With VS Code, Japanese comments are garbled. (It seems that it has been fixed in the latest version) --There is little Japanese information. There is no StageXL information in particular. Not at all. ――It's annoying because the screen is constructed with code. Well this is fine. You don't have to remember weird tools. --Sometimes I get an exception that I can't trace the source, and I have a hard time fixing it. --If double is entered in num and assigned to int, an exception will occur because it is not an integer. ――You can start DEBUG from VS Code, but I didn't use it because it will be a big deal. You can debug with Chrome only, so use that. It may be improved now. --There is no function of language-specific resources. I couldn't help it, so I built it myself. Well, just kick it out to json for each language. --If (xx) and xx is null, an exception will be thrown. Shit. --I'm tired because the build wait time is short: sob: I'm super tired. I run out of time to read news.


I was able to make it almost crispy. : v: Productivity is good. : relaxed: It's justice to build fast.

Maybe I'm the only Japanese who uses StageXL. Maybe I could be a valuable old programmer.

Let's do Flutter soon. Angular Dart is currently in use.

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