The story of acquiring Java Silver in two months from completely inexperienced.


I would like to talk about how I got a Java Silver qualification from the basics of Java in two months, even though I had almost no experience of touching a personal computer, let alone a beginner in programming. I wrote it with the hope that it would be helpful for those who are thinking of getting the same qualification from now on. However, since I am really a beginner in writing articles, programming, personal computers, etc., I would appreciate it if you could read it with a broad heart.


First of all, I would like to briefly explain what kind of person I am. As of 2020, I am a 23-year-old man. I was a high school graduate, and until half a year ago, I was a part-time worker and worked part-time at a restaurant. I used to use my computer to browse the internet once in a while. If you have a smartphone, you don't need a computer, right? I'm a super personal computer amateur who has finally become able to use Excel recently.

The reason why I wanted to start programming was simply cool! Because I thought that. I think that the titles of "programmer" and "SE" are really cool, and sometimes I see people who open their computers in cafes and do rattling, and I also think that they are rattling in cafes. is. There are other motives, but I think that area is boring, so I will omit it. But after all, when my friend who became a member of society asked me "What are you doing now?", I felt very inferior when I answered "I'm a freeter". I'm a programmer now ", so I'm very happy with the answer (although it's only been two months since I started). Yes.

It's been like this since I graduated from high school. Looking back in this way, I have spent five to six years, which is quite meaningless. From now on, I will talk about how I get the Java Silver qualification in two months.

How to study

(First of all, I attended the seminar, so there was a lecturer and I was studying from 9:00 to 17:00 on weekdays.)

These are the only reference books I have been using for two months.

** A refreshing introduction to Java-Basics- Thorough capture Java SE8 Silver problem collection **

For the first month, I did a lot of "** Introduction to Java-Basics-**". This reference book is really easy to understand, and I think it is very familiar and easy to understand for those who start from scratch. ** Above all, object orientation is easy to understand! ** I hear that many people stumble because the entrance looks complicated in object-oriented programming, but thanks to this, I was able to enter smoothly. After reading this for a couple of laps and writing some code myself, I naturally learned the basics.

In the second month, I solved "** Thorough capture Java SE8 Silver problem collection " all the time. This reference book is the so-called "black book". For the time being, I solved it normally in the first week. For me, who had read the contents carefully and understood the contents well, I challenged with the feeling that "Kuromoto is a monjayaki!" "Would you like to do it?", But I saw a painful eye from the beginning. I did. I don't know at all. What did you study refreshingly? I was hit by Mettameta as much as I thought. The correct answer rate is only about 30% for chapters 1-9. To be honest, I was about to break my heart. I read the commentary from there, but it probably took about two weeks to understand the commentary properly. It took me that much when I actually tried to move the code and looked back at the explanation and refreshing alternately. In particular, the lambda expressions, collections, and immutable objects that appear in the Java API in Chapter 9 were really like "What's this?" I couldn't understand it even after reading the commentary, so I started working on " Clearly understandable Java-Practice-**". I haven't read it so hard, but thanks to that, I gradually became able to understand it. If you get stuck in Chapter 9, it is recommended.

Kuromoto will enter the second week. As of the first week, I was still afraid of the "total finishing problem" in Chapter 10 and Chapter 11, so I haven't touched it. In the second week, I solved the problem while thinking "** What is the problem you are listening to? " and " What is wrong with the incorrect answer? **". After that, ** I did it while trying to explain the reason for the correct answer in my head. ** I didn't really care about the time it took, I just thought about it and gave the answer. Then, in the second week, I got 60 to 70%. It's a lot of growth. ** I marked the wrong problem, ** read the commentary, and ** summarized the points I missed or forgot in a memo. ** It was nice to put it together in a memo on my cell phone, because I can easily see it during my commuting time and free time without having to carry around a reference book.

It's been about 3 weeks since I started Kuromoto at the end of the second week. The rest is chapters 10 and 11, but I'm not ready yet, so I've set aside a couple of days. When I finally made up my mind and tried it, I was surprised to find that both were about 75%. Since the passing line is 65%, I was worried when it came to anxiety, but I was relieved to get this much at the first time. I felt good, and thought, "You can take Silver unexpectedly, right?" "I'm getting tired of studying, and I got a qualification early!", So I decided to take the exam at this stage. (The instructor also gave me a GO sign.) (By the way, it's awkward to make a reservation for the exam, and it takes at least half a day.) Anyway, I did this and set the exam date one week later.

For the remaining week, I pushed in and entered the third week of Kuromoto. ** In particular, I mainly dealt with the problems marked in Chapters 1-9. ** I wanted to get used to the exam a little more, so I did one mock exam of the book "** Purple Book **" (I forgot the official name of the book). So, ** I did the total finishing problem of Chapter 10 and Chapter 11 of Kuromoto by pushing it the day before the test day. ** As expected, the correct answer rate is 96% after 3 weeks. It was almost the level of memorizing the contents of the black book.

Test results

Exam date: 2020/01/24, correct answer rate: 92%

** Result passed! ** **

First of all

** If you do Kuromoto, you can qualify for Silver! ** **

All Silver qualified people said the same thing. Of course, that information had reached my ears, but I was skeptical, and I thought only "again". However, what I felt when I actually took the exam was

** If you do Kuromoto, you can qualify for Silver! ** **


Or rather, ** 80 ~ 90% of the contents of the black book! ** (The code is the same but the variable name is different) To be honest, the explanation of the concept of encapsulation and the merits of polymorphism were exactly the same word for word, and I laughed at the actual performance. ** Especially, it was like a festival in Chapter 10 and Chapter 11. ** I remembered it vividly because I was doing it the day before. On the contrary, I felt like I was cheating on the exam questions the day before. I'm sorry for those who failed the exam when I said this, so I'll leave it here. However, what I can say is

** If you do Kuromoto, you can qualify for Silver! ** **

in conclusion

Last but not least, if you do Kuromoto, you can qualify for Silver. However, when asked if I can actually use it just because I got the qualification, I feel that it is a different story. In fact, I'm still not good at writing code myself. Personally, as a programmer's first step, I'm satisfied with the feeling of "OK!", But I'll do my best from now on.

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