[RAILS] AWS memo

Radis / Memcache in ElastiCache
radis in EastiCache

-Complex data types are required. · In-memory datasets need to be sorted or ranked. -It is necessary to replicate to the read replica against the load of read processing. ・ Publish / sub function is required -Automatic failover is required -Keystore persistence is required. -A backup and restore function is required.

· Need to support multiple databases

  • Provided / Operates with a single thread In-memory DB All data operations are exclusive
Memcached in ElastiCache

・ Simple data type is required · You need to run a large node with multiple cores or threads. · Need scale-out and scale-in capabilities to add or remove nodes as demand increases or decreases in the system. -It is necessary to cache objects such as databases. ・ Keystore persistence is not required -No backup and restore function required ・ Multiple databases cannot be used

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