Things to watch out for in future Java development

Java version

For Java, the numbers up to Java ** 9 ** represented the Major version. After Java ** 10 **, increasing the number is not called ** Major ** version upgrade, but ** Feature ** version upgrade, and the meaning is literal.

Java 9 or later @Deprecated

When developing in Java in the future, avoid using methods with @Deprecated (String since, boolean forRemoval). Until now, some methods have survived for a long time, but it seems that they will really disappear in the future. Also, keep in mind that methods with forRemoval = true will disappear in the next version or the next version.

For details, see the Java Champion Sakuraba-san's document "[Migration Guide to Java SE 10 and also Java SE 11](" at Java Day Tokyo 2018. Please refer to "se-10-and-also-java-se-11)".

at the end

The JavaDoc Japanese version of Java 10 ( has been released. Please take advantage of this as well.

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