[RUBY] [About double hash]

●●● Problem ●●● Suppose you have the following array user_data.

user_data = [
    user: {
      profile: {
        name: 'George'
    user: {
      profile: {
        name: 'Alice'
    user: {
      profile: {
        name: 'Taro'

From here, extract only the user name so that the output looks like the one below.


●●● Answer ●●●

user_data.each do |u|
puts u[:user][:profile][:name]

user_data.each{ |u| puts u.dig(:user, :profile, :name) }

●●● Explanation ●●●

First of all, how to retrieve the hash.

hash[The key of the value you want to get]

user = {name:Taro}
#=> "Taro"

Checking the structure of the array user_data in question

First element of the array
Second element of the array
Third element of the array

You can see that it is. The each method is used for the array user_data, and the name key is extracted for each element of the array. Therefore, the answer is as above.

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