[JAVA] Various correspondence table of Spring Framework and Spring Boot

Updated on 2020/06/11 Added information and changed Java version format

As a memorandum. Spring Framework

version GA Supported Java versions EOL
4.3 January 2016 6~8 ~~January 2020~~
December 31, 2020
5.0 September 2017 8~10 ~~March 2019~~
December 31, 2020
5.1 September 2018 8~12 ~~December 2019~~
December 31, 2020
5.2 January 2019 8~15(plans) December 31, 2021
5.3 Scheduled for October 2020 8~17(plans) 2024(plans)

Although the supported Java version is written in the range, it seems that it is basically recommended to use the LTS release (8, 11, 17, 23,,,).

Spring Boot

version GA Spring Framework Tomcat EOL Remarks
1.5 January 2017 4.3 8.5 August 1, 2019
2.0 March 2018 5.0 8.5 April 3, 2019
2.1 October 2018 5.1 9 - Java 11 compatible
2.2 October 2019 5.2 9 - Java 13 compatible
2.3 May 15, 2020 5.2 9 - Java 14 compatible
2.4 Scheduled for October 2020 5.3 -


Spring Framework Versions - Spring Framework Wiki Supported Versions - Spring Boot Wiki

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