[JAVA] Cancel STS (Spring Tool Suite) Japanese localization


[It has been translated into Japanese with momentum](https://qiita.com/segur/items/f9d7b5cdbc02531ffbb0#spring-tool-suite-%E3%81%AE%E6%97%A5%E6%9C%AC% E8% AA% 9E% E5% 8C% 96) Cancel the Japanese localization of STS.

Modify STS.ini

❯ vim /Applications/STS.app/Contents/Eclipse/STS.ini

Comment out because there is a description like

mv /Applications/STS.app/Contents/Eclipse/dropins/MergeDoc/eclipse/plugins/jp.sourceforge.mergedoc.pleiades /Applications/STS.app/Contents/Eclipse/dropins/MergeDoc/eclipse/plugins/jp.sourceforge.mergedoc.pleiades-backup

Rename it because it remains like a cache of settings

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