Try using Redis with Java (jar)

What is Redis </ b>

  • URL
  • NoSQL.
  • Works in memory.
  • Key-value store (KVS).
  • Suitable for real-time ranking aggregation.

Table of contents </ b>

  1. Redis on Mac (interactive test, run in Java on Ecripse)
  2. Redis (interactive test / jar execution) on Ubuntu

Redis on Mac </ b>

  • Environment
  • MacOS Sierra ver 10.12.6

Install Eclipse and Homebrew

  • Install Eclipse on Mac and translate it into Japanese
  • Install Homebrew on Mac

Install Redis on Mac
Download jedis under lib
Add and run as external library

  • Try Redis and HBase

  • Make it a jar and run it on your Mac.
    Create a jar with Ecripse.

  • Right-click on the project name-> Export-> Java-> JAR file "Next"-> Select export destination-> Done-> OK

  • Open a terminal and start redis.

  • Navigate to the exported folder and run the jar.
    java -jar RedisTest.jar

  • Move! !! !!

Redis on Ubuntu </ b>

  • Environment
  • VirtualBox
  • Ubuntu_16_04_LTS

Install Redis on Ubuntu

  • sudo apt -y install redis-server

  • Start Redis and perform an interactive test.
    redis-cli> ping

  • Place the jar created by Ecripse in any folder.
    java -jar RedisTest.jar

  • Move! !! !!

Future plans </ b>

If you feel like it, I would like to try redundancy. If you feel like it, but ...

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