[JAVA] Enable code completion in Eclipse for Mac

** Addendum ** The shortcut key for Spotlight search is "Control + Space" before OS X Yosemite. After OS X El Capitan, it seems that the default has changed to "⌘ + Space".

For Windows

You can use the code completion function with "Ctrl + Space". For example



Just type and type "Ctrl + Space"


   public static void main(String[] args) {

It automatically completes the frequently used main methods like this.

For Mac

When I enter "Control + Space" ...

スクリーンショット 2017-04-12 23.12.52.png

Yes, on macOS (OS X) it's a shortcut key for Spotlight search by default. The OS side has priority over the shortcut setting of Eclipse, and the code is not completed.

Countermeasure 1: Change the setting of the shortcut key of Eclipse

Eclipse can change the shortcut key to any one.


** 1. Select "Eclipse"-> "Preferences" from the menu bar ** ** 2. Select "Content Assist" from "General"-> "Keys" ** (Enter "content" in the search field)


** 3. Enter any shortcut key in the Binding field **

Let's set other than OS standard shortcuts such as "Ctrl + Space".

Countermeasure 2: Change the shortcut key settings on mac (OS X)

You can also change the shortcut key that launches Spotlight.


** 1. Open "System Preferences" from Launchpad or Dock ** ** 2. Enter Spotlight in the "Search" field at the top right and select the suggested "Keyboard Shortcut" **


** 3. Click inside the red frame to the right of "Show Spotlight Search" and set any key ** (* You can also disable it from the check box)

You can now safely use code completion on your Mac.

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