[Folio LSP] Roughly Docker (for beginners)

This article is positioned as a brief supplement to the Folio tutorial. Folio Tutorial https://qiita.com/ayungn/items/17ece4e7e06c58194691

What is Docker

A tool / environment for using container-type virtualization.


What makes me happy with Docker

--Portable: The system that runs inside the container is complete inside the container. Therefore, it can be operated even if the container is taken out to another server. --Light: No OS required for each application. (Cf. Hypervisor type virtualization) --Secure: The container is independent and secure.

: bulb: For example, a verification environment that is the same as the production environment will be launched immediately. It is also easy to discard and recreate. It also helps to align the local development environment.

How to use Docker container

--Install Docker Engine on Linux. -(For Windows and Mac) Install Docker Desktop. Prepare a Linux environment with Virtual Box etc. and install Docker Engine.

: bulb: Docker Engine runs on Linux. In the case of Folio LSP tutorial, it is operated by either (1) Virtual Box (2) EC2 (Ubuntu).

What is a Docker image?

--The Docker container is created from the Docker image. --You can download it from the Docker registry such as Docker Hub. --Some Docker images are OS-only and some contain applications. --Using Dockerfile, you can specify the original Docker image and create your own image.

: bulb: Folio LSP distributes Docker with applications. https://hub.docker.com/search?q=folioorg&type=image


Docker official page https://www.docker.com/

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