[RUBY] Great poor (how to write)


Given the cards and hands of the card game "Millionaire" (also known as "Millionaire"), the problem is to output all the combinations of hands that can be put out next.

The joker is a wildcard, so it's a good idea how to handle it. Here, the processing when the joker is included in the hand is different.


class Card
  Rank = %W(3 4 5 6 7 8 9 T J Q K A 2)
  def initialize(str)
    @value = str
    @rank = (str == "Jo") ? 13 : Rank.index(str[1])
  attr_reader :value, :rank
  alias to_s value

module Daihinmin
  def play(input)
    table, hand = input.split(",")
    return "-" unless hand 
    hand = hand.scan(/../).map { |c| Card.new(c) }
    joker = hand.find {|c| c.value == "Jo"}    
    table = table.scan(/../).map { |c| Card.new(c) }
    t_rank = table.map(&:rank).min
    t_num = table.size
    cs = hand.group_by(&:rank).select { |k, v| k > t_rank }.values
    result = cs.select { |ary| ary.size >= t_num }
               .flat_map { |ary| ary.combination(t_num).to_a }
    if joker && t_num >= 2
      result +=
        cs.select { |ary| ary.size >= t_num - 1 && ary[0] != joker }
          .flat_map {|ary|
            ary.combination(t_num - 1).map { |cards| cards + [joker] }
    result.empty? ? "-" : result.map(&:join).join(",")

if __FILE__ == $0
  ].each do |input|
    puts Daihinmin.play(input)

I was wondering how to express the card, so I classified it here (Card class). The ranks of the cards are quantified and Integers from 0 are given in order of weakness (Card # rank). The strongest joker alone ranks 13. The representation of the card represented by String can be obtained with Card # value.

As a process, first set the field card to table and the hand to hand. If the joker exists, it will enter joker (if it does not exist, it will be nil). Cs is a group of cards in your hand that are ranked higher than the rank of the cards in the field (t_rank).

From cs, leave more than the number of cards in the field (t_num), and then take a combination of the number of cards in the field and store it in result. If you have a joker in your hand and the number of cards in the field (t_num) is 2 or more, do the same with the joker as a wildcard.

Since the result is represented by String (using Array # join), Card # to_s is set as an alias of Card # value.

In addition, since the output has an indefinite order, I skip the test (laugh).


I also wrote a test.

if __FILE__ == $0
  def same?(input, expect)
    inputs = input.split(",")
    expects = expect.split(",")
    return false unless inputs.size == expects.size
    equal = ->(a, b) {
      a == b || a.scan(/../).sort == b.scan(/../).sort
    is_found = ->(ans) {
      s = expects.find { |e| equal.(e, ans) }
      return false unless s
    ["DJ,", "-"],
    ["H7,HK", "HK"],
    ["S3,D4D2", "D4,D2"],
    ["S9,C8H4", "-"],
    ["S6,S7STCK", "CK,ST,S7"],
    ["H4,SAS8CKH6S4", "S8,CK,H6,SA"],
    ["ST,D6S8JoC7HQHAC2CK", "Jo,C2,CK,HA,HQ"],
    ["SA,HAD6S8S6D3C4H2C5D4CKHQS7D5", "H2"],
    ["S2,D8C9D6HQS7H4C6DTS5S6C7HAD4SQ", "-"],
    ["Jo,HAC8DJSJDTH2", "-"],
    ["S4Jo,CQS6C9DQH9S2D6S3", "DQCQ,D6S6,H9C9"],
    ["CTDT,S9C2D9D3JoC6DASJS4", "JoC2,SJJo,DAJo"],
    ["H3D3,DQS2D6H9HAHTD7S6S7Jo", "JoHA,JoD6,JoH9,D6S6,D7S7,JoS6,HTJo,JoDQ,S2Jo,JoD7,JoS7"],
    ["D5Jo,CQDAH8C6C9DQH7S2SJCKH5", "CQDQ"],
    ["C7H7,S7CTH8D5HACQS8JoD6SJS5H4", "HAJo,JoSJ,H8S8,H8Jo,CQJo,CTJo,JoS8"],
    ["C7D7,S8D8JoCTDTD4CJ", "D8S8,JoS8,CTJo,DTJo,JoCJ,CTDT,D8Jo"],
    ["C3H3D3,CKH2DTD5H6S4CJS5C6H5S9CA", "S5H5D5"],
    ["H6D6S6,H8S8D8C8JoD2H2", "D2H2Jo,D8JoS8,D8S8C8,C8D8H8,JoC8S8,H8JoC8,S8H8C8,JoS8H8,C8JoD8,D8H8S8,D8JoH8"],
    ["JoD4H4,D3H3S3C3CADASAD2", "DACASA"],
    ["C3JoH3D3,S2S3H7HQCACTC2CKC6S7H5C7", "-"],
    ["H5C5S5D5,C7S6D6C3H7HAH6H4C6HQC9", "C6D6S6H6"],
    ["JoS8D8H8,S9DTH9CTD9STC9CAC2", "H9C9D9S9"],
  ].each do |input, expect|
    p same? Daihinmin.play(input), expect

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