About the current development environment (Java 8)

The site has changed from this year The development environment has changed a lot.

I don't have anything to insist on I will leave a note of impression.

I wonder if it's much closer to the present age than last year.

Java6 → Java8 ZonedDateTime Lambda expression, List foreach, etc. A function that seems to be useful has been added.

However, it has not been used in the field yet. Because I write for sentences like shit I want to get used to it quickly.


It's much better than the old Spring era. The rigor of Java-specific practices is much lighter.

If you ask DI to usually @Autowired It feels like it moves without being conscious of the details.

@Scope, @SessionAttributes, @Validated, I also appreciate the useful annotations.

Lombok Speaking of annotations, this is the one.

A guy who automatically writes getters / setters. An excellent guy with other useful annotations.

Why didn't you let me use this at the previous site? I want to ask you an hour.

Eclipse I can't cure the font color well, I don't feel much inconvenience except that it starts up slowly.


I've been suffering from ant all the time, so It's a lot easier.

The most grateful thing is when we adopt something new.

Because everyone uses Maven or Gradle When you want to introduce a new library Just write one line and it's OK! Patterns appear frequently.

ant looks up the dependencies himself and builds it himself I didn't know unless I was addicted to the pitfalls myself.

A story addicted to the pitfalls (https://qiita.com/kugyu10/items/ab2df77c187b23bf6670)

Thymeleaf You can separate HTML and Java! Everyone is happy with this!

It didn't happen! !!

Separately, even in Thymeleaf, in View There are people who write crazy.

It's better than JSP.

Would you like to write CSS properly? It's really hard to read. Would you like to stop using iframes for Layout purposes?

PostgreSQL Oracle's Null and'' (empty string) messed up I was not good at doing it, so I like this one.

I would like to hear the story of people from the operation.

MyBatis O/R Mapper

Hmm ... not bad ...

There is a Java site, Due to workplace restrictions and poor mappers In the end, I have no choice but to do it.

Ugly code for this service, You just put everything from form to Entity, right? Like.

It's faster to write SQL than to use Mapper! Sometimes (Often the table design is delicate) Conscientious as it is prepared.

What's missing


Let me write a test

Spring AOP(spring-boot-starter-aop) Aspect-oriented programming.

Oh, Aspe? ?? ??

For example, "I want to log start and end of all controllers!" Behavior like Without messing with the controller class A mechanism that can be defined and implemented from the outside.

Defined with the @Aspect annotation.

All tables "creation date" "update date" "deletion flag" in DB design It's a design that has I didn't implement it in Mapper You are supposed to write it all in the app. (And I'm making some mistakes here and there)

It may be possible to supplement here with AOP.

Some parts that are lacking in existing frameworks and libraries You may be happy if you make up for it with this.


Rails' ActiveRecord was too divine.

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