[Ruby] I want to extract only the value of the hash and only the key

While learning programming, this keeps what you want to make a note of for yourself.

I want to retrieve only the hash key

Suppose you have a hash like this:

my_favorite_beef = {miyazaki: "Takachiho beef", shiga: "Omi beef", hyogo: "Kobe beef"}



If you want to output ** key only ** like

puts my_favorite_beef.keys


I want to output only the value of the hash

As before, we'll use this hash as an example.

my_favorite_beef = {miyazaki: "Takachiho beef", shiga: "Omi beef", hyogo: "Kobe beef"}


Takachiho beef
Omi beef
Kobe beef

If you want to output ** value only ** like

puts my_favorite_beef.values



At the end of the hash you want to retrieve, By entering .keys, ** keys only ** By entering .values, ** values only ** Can be taken out.

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