Java Silver Repo (Failure & Pass Experience)


I am ashamed to say that I finally passed the second Java Silver exam the other day, so I would like to write a report based on my reflection.

Java Silver exam

Number of questions: 77 questions Time: 150 minutes Pass criteria: 65%

Learning status and results

Teaching materials

・ Thorough capture Java SE8 Silver problem collection pdf version (black book) I have ipadpro12.9, so I put it in Goodnote and used it. It was convenient to use it as a separate document on the first and second laps.

1st time: 50% fail

・ Take the exam in December, the first year of new graduates ・ Study Java for 2 months + 2h x 6 times in company training and know the basic grammar ・ One lap of Kuromoto to Chapter 9, about 20 total finishing problems

Second time: 82% pass

・ Take the exam in June, the second year of new graduates ・ Black book +2 weeks

Analysis of the cause of defeat

I hadn't finished solving the black book

I had no choice but to go to pick it up because I ran out of time, but it wasn't quite so ...

I wasn't motivated

I applied for it carelessly, but it's a language I don't usually use, it's a solid, large-scale, and difficult image, and I didn't want to do anything with java, so I wasn't motivated more than I expected. If you have to get the qualifications declared in your company goals, you should choose the exam for the language you use in your business. Or, I should have found the motivation to touch Processing as soon as possible.

It got mixed up with the language I usually use

The php I usually use was looser than java, and it was easy to forget how to write it.

It is better to absolutely solve the total finishing problem of Kuromoto

Except for one or two questions, all the problems were similar to the total finishing problem. (Although the correct answer rate is delicate for that ...) I think it's okay to memorize only the total finishing problem if you just accept it, regardless of whether you will study.

Apply for the retake campaign first

The second time, I was able to take the test for free in the retake campaign. I think it is better to be able to take the exam again just in case, rather than taking it in the mental state of losing tens of thousands of yen if you fall into this.

in conclusion

When I got my driver's license, it was like a written pre-examination, so I got stuck, but those lazy people who haven't touched Java very much don't finish solving the problem book until they get it right. It's a bad type of test, so you should be careful (?). Also, I took the test both times at the Shinjuku station square test center, but the second time I went from Shinjuku 3-chome station on the Fukutoshin line, and I got lost in the basement and sweated on the ground. Those who are prone to getting lost should look at the map first or leave the house early on the day of the exam. I'm glad I received it because the hurdle to java has been lowered a little. I want to make motion graphics with Processing.

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