Where about java

Where is java

Doko java is a cloud service that allows you to develop and execute java with just a browser on your computer or smartphone.

Recommended for those who do not have a PC at home, who want to do java programming but cannot build an environment, or who have trouble building an environment.

Where to use java

Move to the java page from the URL described in the refreshing introduction to Java by Kiyotaka Nakayama and Daigo Kunimoto

Where java

After moving to the page, type the code to compile and execute. When compiling and executing, authentication like the image below will be displayed, so enter it


This time I ran a program that displays the most basic Hello World The sample code is shown below.


public class HelloWorld{
    public static void main(String args[]){
        System.out.println ("Hello World");

The execution result is displayed at the bottom of the screen.



This time I had to create a program as an issue when I didn't have a PC, so I actually used it, but the specifications were perfect for writing a basic program. However, image authentication is performed again for compilation and execution, it is a little difficult to see unless there is a certain screen size to write code, and when typing code, input on the smartphone is when typing on the keyboard It is a little difficult to hit because it changes a little.


A refreshing introduction to Java (Impress, Inc. Kiyotaka Nakayama, by Daigo Kunimoto)

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