[Java 8] Sorting method in alphabetical order and string length order that can be used in coding tests


Recently, I've been declining in the WEB coding test for job change activities. I'm practicing at paiza.io because I think I have to get used to it. If you are too busy to solve it, you will see the source at a later date and mass-produce the nauseating fucking code.

This time, I will summarize the method of sorting after storing in List .

Operating environment

java.util.Comparator;Imagine you are importing.

# Alphabetical order

List<String> list = Arrays.asList("ABC", "DEFGH", "IJKL", "abc", "defgh", "ijkl");

//Alphabetical ascending order (case insensitive)
//Output result: ABC,abc,DEFGH,defgh,IJKL,ijkl

//Descending alphabetical order (case insensitive)
//Output result: IJKL,ijkl,DEFGH,defgh,ABC,abc

//Alphabetical ascending order (case sensitive)
//Output result: ABC,DEFGH,IJKL,abc,defgh,ijkl

//Descending alphabetical order (case sensitive)
//Output result: ijkl,defgh,abc,IJKL,DEFGH,ABC

String length order

List<String> list = Arrays.asList("ABC", "DEFGH", "IJKL", "abc", "defgh", "ijkl");

//Ascending order of string length
//Output result: ABC,abc,IJKL,ijkl,DEFGH,defgh

//String length descending
//Output result: DEFGH,defgh,IJKL,ijkl,ABC,abc


Character string length → Sort alphabetically


How to sort Integer.

List<Integer> list = Arrays.asList(1, 3, 2);

//ascending order

//descending order

At the end

It can be realized with Lambda, but I personally feel that Comparator is more readable, so I omitted it. I want to come out quickly without investigating this much.

Coding tests often require this sort of sorting, so it's a good idea to remember! This one is more readable! Please let us know if you have any opinions or mistakes.

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