I tried Drools (Java, InputStream)

What is BRMS for old men for various reasons? I was supposed to explain

While saying that, I am also an old man, but what is BRMS for the old men in the company? I ended up explaining that. I've touched it for a while about 10 years ago, so I tried the latest version 7.7. Since the architecture has changed a lot, I kept it simple for the time being, and I greatly referred to the articles of other Qiita people.

Referenced articles

This is around here. Let Drools eat Excel decision table with InputStream, etc. Run Drools with Kotlin

Speaking of which, it was good to move it with Kotlin below, but what is Kotlin? It's a hassle to explain to the old men, so it feels like I wrote it in Java. I'm reluctant to use Apple or something, but it's clever to change to Orange, so I left it as it is. thank you very much.

Some thoughts

I have collected all the knowledge about BRMS in Util so that the main does not have much BRMS odor. Overall, the code seems appropriate, so I'm sorry if you're using it in a strange way.

Total amount of code

I posted it on GitHub for the time being. https://github.com/akiraabe/drools_demo

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