[JAVA] I made an eco server with scala

I posted what I made while I was a disciple, so I will write it here as well!

What is an echo server?

In response to the http request sent from the browser (client), the content of the request is returned as it is with the http response! That is the echo server.

(Usually returns html files and images here)

Therefore, the goal is to display a character string such as "GET / ~~" (← request statement) on the browser.

The outline is like this

  1. Import usable java packages (link below)
  2. Generate a server socket
  3. Write the code in the while statement so that the server socket keeps accepting
  4. Create an input stream and read the http request
  5. Create an output stream and send back an http request statement
  6. Close the socket

Implementation code introduction


 import java.net.ServerSocket
 import java.net.Socket
 import java.io
 import java.io.InputStream
 import java.nio.charset.StandardCharsets
  object HTTPServer {
    def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = {
       println("Hello HTTP Server!Strat----->")
       //Create a server socket and bind the port number
       val serverSocket = new ServerSocket(8000)
       println("Serving HTTP on localhost port 8000 ...")
        while (true) {
          //Server socket continues to accept and wait
          val socket = serverSocket.accept()

         //input--Read http request
         val input = socket.getInputStream
         def readUntilEnd(is: InputStream, acc: List[Int] = Nil):String ={
           is.read :: acc match {
             case x if x.take(4) == List(10,13,10,13) => x.reverse.map(_.toChar).mkString //10,13 is a line break
             case x                                   => readUntilEnd(is, x)
         //output--Send back http request
         val output = socket.getOutputStream
         val CRLF = "\r\n"
         val responseBody = readUntilEnd(input)
         val responseBodySize = responseBody.length
         val responseText = "HTTP/1.1 200 OK" + CRLF +
                            "Content-Length: " + responseBodySize + CRLF +
                            "Content-Type: text/plain" + CRLF +
                            CRLF +
         //Close socket

Basically, if I could find a method that would do what I wanted to do from here, I felt that it would be nearing completion. And if you understand the concept of this communication, the significance of the socket, and how it works, you can read the code.

input About the input stream

text val input = socket.getInputStream

When you create an input stream with, information (http requests) will come through the tunnel.

I created a readUntilEnd method that reads it character by character and finally returns it as a single string of type String.

text def readUntilEnd(is: InputStream, acc: List[Int] = Nil):String ={ is.read :: acc match { case x if x.take (4) == List (10,13,10,13) => x.reverse.map (_.toChar) .mkString // 10,13 is a line break case x => readUntilEnd(is, x) } }

What is done in the pattern matching here is that if two line breaks are sent at the end of the http request statement, it is a conditional branch that stops recursion.

Since each character enters the list as a Byte type, at the end, turn it over (reverse) to make it a character, and use mkString to squeeze it into one character string from the list.

output About the output stream

Similarly, create an output stream and pass the information according to the http response template. You don't have to have all the headers here, just the ones you need.

Put the necessary items in the response body into variables one by one in String type, convert them to Byte type at once with responseText, and apply the write method to the socket, and it will be sent as an http response!

Finally close the socket.

It feels pretty powerful, but the http server does this.

I think again that not everything is magically manipulated in an instant. Lol

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