[RUBY] [rails] tag ranking function

I added a tagging feature to my portfolio today and created a ranking Output.

The tagging function used a form object. First, write this in the tweet controller.


def rank
   @tag_ranks = TweetTag.find( TweetTagRelation.group(:tweet_tag_id).order('count(tweet_tag_id)desc').limit(4).pluck(:tweet_tag_id))

I wondered what pluck was ... so I looked it up. Officially pluck can be used to send a query to retrieve columns (s) from the table used in one model. Given a list of column names as an argument, returns an array of values for the specified column with the corresponding data type.

That's right.

You can get the contents by taking tweet_tag_id (this is the tag column of the intermediate table) as the argument of pluck.

Next is view Create a file under tweets and write it like this


<div class="rank-tag-all">
        <% @tag_ranks.each.with_index(1) do |tag,i| %>
          <div class="rank-tag-num">No.<%= i %>Rank</div> 
          <div class="rank-tag"><%= tag.name%></div>

The ranking is displayed by writing with_index (1) and taking the second argument.

Chat I was pretty sleepy so I scratched it simply. .. .. I plan to write qiita earlier ...

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