Use the --build-arg option of docker-compose to pass environment variables to the container built with Dockerfile


  1. Pass environment variables to Docker-Compose using the --build-arg option
  2. In Docker-Compose, declare the variable to be passed to --build-arg in advance.
  3. In DockerFile read from Docker-Compose, call the variable with ARG and embed it in the container with ENV.

Execution command

docker-compose build --build-arg BUILDID=4d345663-5247-465d-b522-1d3c08b5d243

docker-compose --Specify with args --At this time, the value of the variable is overwritten, so it is appropriate.


version: '3.7'
      context: ./app
      dockerfile: ./Dockerfile
        - BUILDID=test

Dockerfile --Read with ARG --Embed with ENV

ENV buildid=${BUILDID}

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