[JAVA] Initial settings until S2Dao can be used

I didn't find many articles about the initial settings of S2Dao, and I struggled a little, so I'll make a note for myself in the future.

Execution environment


Dao interface using S2Dao is automatically bound and SQL is executed.

DB initial settings

Store data in balance table

mysql> select * from sastrutsdb.balance;
| id | name         | amount | created_at          | updated_at |
|  1 |Taro Tanaka|  10000 | 2019-05-03 19:25:33 | NULL       |
|  2 |Hanako Sato|  20000 | 2019-05-03 23:48:40 | NULL       |
2 rows in set (0.00 sec)

pom & dicon file settings

pom file settings

Download mysql-connector-java-8.0.16.jar and s2-dao-1.0.49.jar



Maven Clean the project.

* Confirm that the target jar exists in WEB-INF / lib Automatically copied by setting copy-dependencies in pom </ font>

dicon file settings

Create dicon file to register dao interface in container The included dao.dicon is a dicon file that exists in s2-dao-1.0.49.jar

Specify the class of dao interface to be registered as a component in addClassPattern.

MySQL.dicon (any file name is OK)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE components PUBLIC "-//SEASAR//DTD S2Container 2.4//EN"
    <include path="dao.dicon"/>

    <component name="traceInterceptor" class="org.seasar.framework.aop.interceptors.TraceInterceptor"/>

    <component class="org.seasar.framework.container.autoregister.FileSystemComponentAutoRegister">
      <property name="autoNaming">
        <component class="org.seasar.framework.container.autoregister.DefaultAutoNaming"/>
      <initMethod name="addClassPattern">

    <component class="org.seasar.framework.container.autoregister.AspectAutoRegister">
      <property name="interceptor">dao.interceptor</property>
      <initMethod name="addClassPattern">


Specify the dicon file created above in app.dicon


  <include path="MySQL.dicon"/>

mysql settings and S2Dao component registration in jdbc.dicon User name and password are set appropriately


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE components PUBLIC "-//SEASAR//DTD S2Container 2.4//EN"
<components namespace="jdbc">
	<include path="jta.dicon"/>

    <component name="resultSetFactory" class="org.seasar.dao.pager.PagerResultSetFactoryWrapper">
        <component class="org.seasar.extension.jdbc.impl.BasicResultSetFactory"/>
      <property name="useScrollCursor">true</property>
    <component class="org.seasar.extension.jdbc.impl.ConfigurableStatementFactory">
        <component class="org.seasar.dao.pager.PagerStatementFactory"/>
      <property name="fetchSize">100</property>

	<component name="xaDataSource"
		<property name="driverClassName">
		<property name="URL">
		<property name="user">"sa"</property>
		<property name="password">"password"</property>

	<component name="connectionPool"
		<property name="timeout">600</property>
		<property name="maxPoolSize">10</property>
		<property name="allowLocalTx">true</property>
		<destroyMethod name="close"/>

	<component name="DataSource"


This completes the settings. The rest will be implemented.


Entity creation


@Table(name = "sample")
public class Balance {
	@GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.AUTO)
	public int id;

	@Column(name = "amount", nullable = false, unique = false)
	public long amount;
	@Column(name = "name", nullable = false, unique = false)
	public String name;

	@Column(name = "created_at", nullable = false, unique = false)
	public Date createdAt;

	@Column(name = "updated_at", nullable = true, unique = false)
	public Date updatedAt;

	public String toString() {
		StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
		return sb.toString();

Action creation


public class BalanceAction {

	BalanceService balanceService;

	public String index() {
		List<Balance> balanceList = balanceService.findAll();
		System.out.println("BALANCE_SIZE:" + balanceList.size());
		StringBuilder responseText = new StringBuilder();

		for (Balance balance : balanceList) {
			responseText.append(balance.toString() + "\r\n");
		ResponseUtil.write(responseText.toString(), "text/html", "UTF-8");
		return null;

Service creation

Binding Dao file here


public class BalanceService {

	BalanceDao balanceDao;

	public List<Balance> findAll() {
		return balanceDao.findAll();

Dao interface creation


@S2Dao(bean = Balance.class)
public interface BalanceDao {
	public List<Balance> findAll();


$ curl "localhost:8080/sastruts/balance/"
id:1name:Taro Tanaka created_ad:2019-05-03 19:25:33.0updated_ad:null
id:2name:Hanako Sato created_ad:2019-05-03 23:48:40.0updated_ad:null

I was able to get the data safely.


Introduction to Seasar2 S2Dao S2Dao Reference

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