[JAVA] Loosen Thymeleaf syntax checking in Spring Boot


The default Thymeleaf used in Spring Boot 1.4 is version 2. This parses the template as XML, so it needs to be written fairly rigorously, such as requiring a closing tag. If you want to write in general HTML5 syntax, you can handle it by making Thymeleaf 3 series.

Thymeleaf 3 series

Set thymeleaf.version to the 3rd version in build.gradle.

dependencies {

ext['thymeleaf.version'] = '3.0.3.RELEASE'
ext['thymeleaf-layout-dialect.version'] = '2.1.2'
ext['thymeleaf-extras-java8time.version'] = '3.0.0.RELEASE'
ext['thymeleaf-extras-data-attribute.version'] = '2.0.1'

Set other options as needed.

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