Defeat the hassle of treating C arrays as Tuples in Swift


Working with C fixed-length arrays is a bit annoying when using the C library from Swift. That's because Swift treats it as a Tuple. Tuple is not Iteratable, so it is difficult to refer to elements. What to do with this?


Method 1: Defeat with reflection

How to convert Tuples to Arrays with reflection, as described at There is no problem. However, reflection is a heavy load on the Compiler and is not the method you want to use aggressively.

Method 2: Defeat with a pointer

var foo_list = func_with_c()
let ptr = UnsafeMutablePointer<Foo>(&

// "Fixed length"Write the size of. For example, suppose you know that the length is 34.
for i in 0..<34 {
    let foo = ptr[i]

I'm not happy to use var, but it's compiler friendly because it doesn't do reflections. I wonder if I often write like this unless there is a particular reason ..?

Reference: Swift Foundation UUID implement

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